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About Us

About Us

Established (way back!) in 2009 Doodlebug is a fresh innovative label merging the worlds of art and eco consciousness into an ever diversifying range of clothing, stationery and whatever other goodies we dream up! 
Designed in Australia, Doodlebugs bamboo clothing is bringing the cool back into children’s fashion without sacrificing the environment. Each piece pays particular attention to a great cut, buttery soft bamboo fabrics and distinctive graphics. This makes for a beautifully designed, ridiculously comfortable and very cool garment.
Here at Doodlebug, art, design and quality are foremost in our mind. We are doing more than just designing t-shirts. With everything we create, we endeavor to provide you with something of substance and culture that is more than just a little part of us. With a very strong DIY ethos we utilise our skills in illustrating, designing, photography, graphic design and our homegrown cute models (if we do say so ourselves!). We are very much a family run label!

Part of the Doodlebug family are our range of eco friendly real cherrywood stationery. Each Postcard, Bookmark and Gift tag is printed on wood from sustainable plantations and are little works of art. The original artworks are each one with unique with a beautiful wood grain that has the look, feel and smell of something you know is natural.

Doodlebug is innovative in finding ways to lower our environmental footprint. From electronic catalogues, printing on recycled paper with soy based inks and using more sustainable materials like bamboo and cherrywood we believe it is possible to run a children’s clothing business without ruining the world for our children. 

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