Size Guide

Against 'throw away fashion', doodlebug tees are designed to last.

 There is nothing worse than clothes for kids that get worn once before they are quickly grown out of.  Not only a waste of money and a waste of great clothes its also a waste of resources.  Doodlebug addresses all of these concerns with sizes thoughtfully designed by an experienced mother!  Each garment has been specially created to get maximum wear, over as many seasons as possible.  You will find that one size will continue to keep fitting, with things like lycra to stretch and grow, and fold down cuffs to adjust as needed.

With that in mind, this is the rough guide doodlebug is going by;


0000 newborn - 4 months

000 3-6 months

00 6-9 months

0 /XS 9-18 months

S  1 - 3 years

M  3 -6 years

5 - 8 years

XL 7-9 years


If you prefer a slimmer fit, go with the smaller size.  If you prefer a loser fit (ie for boys) go with the bigger size.

Doodlebug clothes are designed to fit over a several sizes.

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